100% Certified Organic, Recycled & Sustainable Products


An export in international trade of goods and services


For Omni-channel marketing & execution services

What We Do

We provide end-to-end solutions for our customers.

We are committed to the Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to take their business to next level.

  • Higher and more stable revenues through the identification of sustainable products / markets;
  • Improved customer awareness of market trends;
  • Reduced customer risk exposure to market volatility;
  • More efficient and strategic natural resource use;
  • Improved consistency, quality and supply
  • Improved coordination and efficiency of supply; chain management
  • Complexity to simplicity with tangible benefits;


We are INDIA’S only e-commerce platform promoting 100% certified Organic Healthy, Sustainable, Recyclable & Herbal products to consumers. Please visit

DUDU is the result of our years of studying customer expectations, product pricing, price-quality tradeoffs, product quality, export quality packaging, certifications to enhance customer satisfaction, and more, all of which help us realize our vision of “Do Unique. Do Unconventional”.

Our vision is to leverage this platform to create a positive impact throughout the value chain and within the ecosystem, thus creating a win-win situation for consumers, farmers, SME and processors. Consequently, we strive to be a unique, unconventional and trustworthy global leader in providing a holistic sustainable business model that inspires, promotes, and supports a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living.

Our One of the Trading Activity is Export Business. We Export NOP & EU Certified Organic products like all types of FMCG, Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook  products.

We are committed to desired Quality Standards for processing, labelling, Packaging and to Maintain Deliveries as per agreed schedule along with Transition Certificate (TC).

We have experience of working in 24 countries i.e. U.S.A, Italy, France, Indonesia, Singapore, U.A.E, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Botswana, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ghana, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh etc.



We manage sourcing and supplier activities for commodities, packaging industry, Oil& Gas, Automobiles, Construction, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and various other industries, working with the best in the business. Built and consolidated a robust regional  supply chain.

We have achieved Process optimisation, Vendor governance, Commercial benefits, Single point of contact and consolidated invoicing, Accountability, Compliant, Transparency, Increasing leverage and greater innovation, Omni-channel marketing for our end customers.

Why outsourcing works


Mitigate risk in vendor relationships, develop a catalyst for strategic change


Guaranteed savings delivery and a transparent model


Increased market leading expertise and capability at no cost


Access to integrated, proven systems and MI to increase visibility


Technology and product based focus, driving the agenda


Deploy existing resource on core capability

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